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19 September 2009 @ 12:28 pm

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    hello, this is Ohno's Tsukuttemiyo Corner w/ Kotaki as guest in it, enjoy!

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    [* and t/n]T/n: *'kubiwa' can be translated as 'choker' or 'collar' since the girl in this song is described as jump's puppy (oh the doS element in this cute af song ;;) but i think it's more appropriate to write it as 'necklace' but to note: not that jewelry one.

    i actually hate translating lyrics bc i can't put to words the atmosphere of the song sometimes, i'm sorry ;; but i have to share this one around bc imagine jump as ur tsundere and doS bf ;; this song is cute yet frustrating i think all tobikko should be as frustrated as me. i don't want to be alone.

    06 July 2014 @ 02:02 am

    *this was US.J not US.A*


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    sebentar lagi subuh waktu Jepang selatan. semoga kalian masih semangat puasanya!! dadah!

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    Hi! So, actually.. ACTUALLY i have a lot of assignments and reports to be done but who cares i’ll get to them later.

    uhh so.. did anyone (who even bother to take a glance at my journal) realized what i’ve been hinting at my previous ‘coming soon’ post? (now deleted because i have this post up)
    Yes, my concert experience so far. I won’t be posting about concert report or such, rather i’m going to post about my point of view and experience on each of the concert. Brief ones, but i’m open for any questions on the comment :))

    Let’s go with the first one,

    1. 140412 EXO Greeting Party in Japan, Saitama Super Arena.

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    2.  140607 Arashi Waku Waku Gakkou: Deepening The Bond of Friendship Camp, Kyocera Dome Osaka.

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    3.  140621 C-CLOWN Live Event in Japan, AiiA Theatre Tokyo, Shibuya.

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    I think that’s all. And u can click on each of the title to my g+ album of each concert experience. Throw me any Qs like probably how to get the ticket, how to get to the venue etc. I’d be willing to help :))
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