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27 January 2017 @ 11:25 pm
We Went to Watch All-Stars Island  
So me and my friend went to Johnny’s All Stars Island Friday 13th 2017, Day-show

It was my 2nd time watching Johnny’s live, the first time was Arashi waku waku gakkou on 2014
The experience watching all Stars Island is still new to me, because it wasn’t a concert, well waku waku gakkou wasn’t a con too but it was at Kyocera dome so the atmosphere was concert-ish

It started with us buying tickets with the help of my friend’s Japanese friend. My friend was dying to watch them on the 1st floor, so we managed to get a pair of 1st floor ticket around the middle row.

To get into the ticketing gate we just show the ticket and the staffs let us in, that’s all, no ID checking or whatsoever.

And surprise! our seats were not that far from the stage. Need to remind you that i don’t remember the setlist but most of the time King and Prince were flying everywhere.

Travis japan dance so energetic and on point, love-tune was uhh good but wasn’t really paying attention on them except for some scene where sanapi and yasui chen had some dialogues

Snowman had this performance where they look like they’re climbing skyscraper 007-style and it was amazing.

I was there to watch Kishi but no. SIXTONES was an end-game
Jesse was so tall with gelled-hairstyle, Taiga was so beautiful he shone the stage, Yugo was surprisingly handsome he looked healthier that day he was so thin back then. Hokuto is your dream-untouchable-cold-prince
And Shin-chan had a lot of chance to be in the center on some dance performances.

Sixtones is so scary you guys i wasn’t even planning to stan them but i stan them at the end of the show
They did this edm remix of Be Crazy and Kono Hoshi no Hikari which i know every word to those songs.

Snow-stones did the basketball stunts thing like what they did on Gamushara
The first relay dunk was Shintaro and Hokuto but they failed

I was praying so hard during the main dunk relay of snow-stones and they MADE IT!!!!!!!1!!1!!
I wanted to cry and scream

Thanks to the overly composed audience which only makes noises when they clap their hand
I didn't scream
or cry
or even let out a little squeal

The story all in all was about them having troubles, like broken set and properties during the show, Shori and Sho were the main where they get influenced by gloomy force of Totsu or Happy force of Tsuka-chan.

They brought us from learning sad-past events of Japan to travel through space looking for shining future, but they went back to earth anyway xD
Anywayy the last part where they sing Let’s go to Tokyo, all of the juniors wears white suit and there was this big broadway stairs and they line up at those stairs with all the lights focus on them it was so beautiful
They also sang 2020 Johnny’s a lot!

cr to: hira_s_king @ IG

Most of the time King did all the talk and the center of every junior group got some lines like Miyachika for Travis, Hikaru for Snowman, Jesse/Taiga for Sixtones, Chen for Love-Tune etc. (you know the rest)

cr to: hira_s_king @ IG

Ohh and the guest that day was ABC-Z with King as the MCOur beloved ex-maijani duo Sho-Ren smoothly asking questions to the guest, Kaito was just there sometimes laughing with them, sometimes asking irrelevant questions like after ABC-Z performed REBOOT!! Their new single with all the acrobats and stuffs, Kaito went “why you guys keep catching your breath?” and Fumito had no other way but to admit “we just did all those stuffs back there and we’re pretty much old”

I personally amazed by the energy they put on the acting, they screamed, cry like for real, most of the time. The down side is that from the audience perspective, it’s already tiring, and to think they have another show the same day, that night is just wow, you have to dance, sing (well lip-sync most of the time) and do those act all over again? Wow, respect.

Overall of course, just like other fans, i would like to go back to watch Johnny’s show again. I’ve never been to Broadway in New York before but this experience gave me at least a glimpse of what Broadway would look like. i’ll come back for more Johnny’s Show


pictures of the show credit as stated bc we were not allowed to take any pictures during the show
i added pics so you guys get the idea because i'm bad at explaining lol
or you can just watch the preview from shokura news here
ntonk will also write her ver of the report, you can also visit her page too!

one more!!

after the day-show that day, it seems somedays Abebe (Abe Ryohei from Snowman) wrote weather forecast and the staff put it up on the wall near the stairs to 2nd floor

That day he wrote: "Snowman joined on the shooting of ABC-Z's new single MV Reboot!!! Thank you! please pre-order at the shop here (laugh) -->" *he was joking*
"Tomorrow's weather forecast is Sunny sometimes Cloudy, there will be strong winter atmospheric pressure so there's a chance of Snow. The temperature will also drop lower from today *this is important, bc we went to Disney Sea the next day and it was freaking snowing ;;*
Snowman's Abe Ryohei,
January 13th 2017

tomorrow is the first day university's entrance exam. Good luck, exam participants!"

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vitong: yellowbluevitong on January 28th, 2017 07:07 am (UTC)
kyaaaaa, you make me wants to see any johnny's show full with junioorrss.. your repo sounds so tempting😭😭😭
thanks for the repo, im lovebuckytune on twitter anyway 😜
ratuquinn: miracleboyratuquinn on January 30th, 2017 04:08 am (UTC)
i made it so tempting so people want to see jrs live too!
thanks for the comment kak vitong xD