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04 January 2018 @ 04:46 am
i bawled my eyes out and now they sting.  
[Spoiler (click to open)]

so after my pathetic rant of my emotional update last time (it's friend-lock, you won't be able to see it) i decided i should make this post so my children in the future would know that their mother did not just post happy things online just to make a certain persona.

i had a great time the first day of work after long-new year-break, oh, happy(?) new year by the way. just, a little update regarding my last emotional post (if you're my lj friends and did even care to read that post), i've moved on, it was just a crush and it did pass, thank you. So, the first day of work, the weather was extreme and i had a plan out with my high-school best friend.

i went out with her after work, getting some comfort food and was also checking my email constantly, just in case, an email from the institution mentioned in the picture above reached me. It did reach me like at 9p.m-ish, and my heart just dropped, no, it blast into tiny-atom-size pieces. You know like when Jean Grey killed Professor X on the Last Stand.

Professor X=my heart

Yea, i just wanted to write those paragraphs and use that gif, that is why i'm making this post. I have no intention to write what i will do next after this like positive post people wrote on their blogs. I rarely post about things that made me sad like this, so i was thinking maybe i should man up and write about it, even if it just once.
Oh, by the way, writing application for ceeceeaipee was so much fun, you guys should try to apply too, who knows you might get in.
I think that's all, have a good year everyone.

Current Music: It's Okay - BTOB