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17 July 2010 @ 05:21 pm
August Duet, Wink Up, Potato (song part): Yaotome Hikaru  

Duet Agst

Fashion No.1
i like rock tshirt that suits with the posture when bringing bass. recently,
i went to see an artist live performance in that (outfit) plus wearing the black cap-as usual-i bought. *rock tshirt, i think he means like has the rock band name in it*

Book No.1
mangaka Yonehara Hideyuki-san's work, i like a unique world view manga that cointened a message(behind the story). i have all of them. for novel, i currently enjoying Kaneshiro Kazunori-san's work!

Movie No.1
recent hit is "GOAL!" the story about the main character, country boy's great effort to become a pro soccer player. to play well in this small world, while being nothing in the world stage (soccer league he means), to be hit with reality once in a while is good ne *i watched this and i suggest you guys whatch this too, it's really a good movie, oh, if u love Beckham, Owen, Giggs, Ferdinand they're also in this movie XD*

Time No.1
2 am. i wrote JUMP no.1 song at that time, when i jack my headphone at midnight, it's a wonder that i can concentrate while making a song.

Place No.1
i like the place wherever the sound is flowing, of course like CD shop or live hall, book store's quiet music, also town's sound at night.

Play No.1
the play that i like is biliards.with long-time-no-see friend, telling about the recent state "how are things recently?" to each other, while poking the ball was fun!

Number No.1
6 of rock. when i have to pick number it must be 6. then there's 'ya' within my name, thus, i also like number 8. *i dunno if it's a pun, but 'rock' in japan also spelled 'roku' just like 6 = roku, while ya of 'yaotome' is the kanji for number 8*

Word No.1
"there's a huge chance in front of your eyes, what're you afraid of?" this lyrics, is sung by my favorite artist. i always remember it when i get nervous. there are alot of encouraging things within music yo. *i love these words too! i wonder from which singer he refers to*

Special Skill No.1
my special skill is juggling that i've been challeging on last Summary. when the ball is too light, it gets flippy in hand, it's also no good when it's too heavy. for me to do it with perfect ball is also a skill.

WU Agst

album Jump no.1 the recommended song is this song!

Hikaru : Ai.Scream
of course it's "Ai.Scream" yo. because i never really write a song until now, i try to remember my way of thinking like when i was in junior high and wrote it within a day. it fits the time where the album being lauched, the summer-like, refreshing song

Potato Agst

Jump no.1 major analysis: Infinity
'because everyone has infinite possibility, let's believe in it and go forward!' that kind of song impression.
the thing i always think about to make the lyrics that have 'stay as it is' impression. with nostalgic-feeling melody, they suit well.

credit scan: hanarok

and some help from [info]ryokimayuu  gomawo yo^^

etoo~ it might took a me a little longer to trans Potato article since the words are layering one to another, looks like pressing one to another. beside Japanese has no space so~ moshiwake arimasen *bows*

for all who have read and commenting thank you guysss <3
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Current Music: Lucifer - SHINee *i know it's only teaser but i repeat it over and over X33*
humanai_ryosuke on July 19th, 2010 11:28 am (UTC)
lha...namamu itu lo "ratu"