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10 August 2010 @ 06:37 pm
Wai Wai Hey!Say!JUMP + SUMMARY'10 Pamphlet: Hikaru's part  
credit scan:[info]hanarok

Wai Wai Hey!Say!JUMP
what's your favorite scene on Wai Wai HSJ?
A: on the chapter 8 the scene where Chinen become a ghost! “if Chinen really became a ghost, seems scary~” it was fun, just by imagining it.
what type of a girl do you like?
A: I personally really into bass, so it’d be good if the girl can play an instrument too. *I do flute, does it count, Hika? :p* cause it’d be fun if both of us can have a session together. A! but if the person haven’t be able to play the instrument is fine! If the girl has interest to guitar, I’ll teach her! However, if the girl also can do bass and even more skillful than me, it wont fit *I think he means here it won’t suit if the girl skill is over the guy’s or..Hika is just too scared the his rival will be his own girlfriend xD*. So, I hope the girl has other interest than bass (laugh).
where do you go on a date?
A: canoe-ing or climbing a mountain open nature..i want to do that kind of series of personal experience. In YYJumping trip I challenge things like surfing, and thinking “a! it will be fun if we can do these things on a date.”
what is your most memorable place?
A: Sendai! I lived there before I moved to Tokyo during my 2nd grade of Junior High. Even, when I go to Sendai, it’s really my hometown. When I was home from my school I went picking chestnut and oranges.
what’s the present you received from other member you’re most happy about?
A: I’m happy whatever it is yo. But if I have to mention, the same bracelet with the artist I admire that I received from Keito.

credit scans: furukaew ichibanojump


SUMMARY for me is "it's growing!" kind of place *place where he feels the changes that they’re growing up*. the season is summer, the heart and body are all heating up, from ourselves we want to try to go attack and temper thoroughly.
these 2 years we came to experience many live performances, we're able to keep concentrate after dancing, be able to change nervousness to trembles and excitement mentally also came along with strength. i'm thinking we've grown way bigger than last time. thus, i want to challenge myself in the performances that i be able to do. one of those is juggling. i want to exceed last time standard juggling even more, i wish to show the performance that integrating dance and music.

when i was asked "what's the highlight?", if it's the regular concert it must be the flying part, but this SUMMARY every scene is the highlight! just like if there were no Jet Coaster in amusement park, it wont be consider as an amusement park, so if there is one performance that being missed, then it wont be a SUMMARY. that's why, we want everyone to truly catch up with our every performance. please bring the heavenly atmosphere in the concert. we want to show our-all out-selves.

Message from Hey!Say!JUMP
Standing in the stage, I always see every single audience’s face expression. Everyone’s coming with smiles “we have to make a better performance” and tension rise up. That moment, we feel gratitude in our hearts “it’s not us who doing our best, the support we receive from fans make us able to do ur best.”  Because of fans’ support and fan letters, give us courage and confidence, we’re able to grow.
All members united, give it their all to made up this SUMMARY. The members that enjoying the performance in stage also have to show the smile in their face. We spread our smiles to the audience too and it’d be good when we’re able to have fun together

i havent translated the 'about first album...' part, cz the adge of the page in the scans is blur~ i need to wait for the real pamphlet to come :(
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rissachii: daichiirissachii on August 10th, 2010 01:14 pm (UTC)
reading hikas part still make me laugh and have fun when i read it.
gumapda nene xp
-zZz-miuzzz on August 11th, 2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
arara~ that picture, yappari ~kyuuun~ ♥♥
ahh he keeps talking about summary,darn i haven't watched HSJ's performance in SUMMARY, except from tv report :(
hope someday they will release it into dvd..

anyway thankies nene :D
from reading this part i could feel that he's already grown up..
ratuquinnratuquinn on August 12th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
yea, u feel he's grown up cz u've been looking after him since yayayah days xD

ikr! they talked abt SUMMARY too much! zzz makes me sick of it sometime grrr
(Deleted comment)
ratuquinnratuquinn on August 12th, 2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
well, i dunno whose bracelet it is, but i heard he received a present from keito that has sth to do with foreign artist

maybe same bracelet with justin timberlake?? who knows xD